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Pega-TracerViewer is a Java Swing based tool to view Pega Tracer xml files.

The tool can be downloaded from Releases page under Downloads section.

Extract 'pega-tracerviewer-<version>' to a folder.

Run 'pega-tracerviewer-<version>.cmd' to launch the tool.


This tool show the tracer xml file entries in a table or tree format.

Can open big tracer xml files. In case of OOM, change the heap size in the cmd file and try again.


Build and Runtime

needs JDK8.

To build the project use the following command:

$ ./gradlew build

The release build is 'pega-tracerviewer-<version>' file under \build\distributions folder.

The project can be run from the gradle command line with the following command:

$ ./gradlew run