User documentation

Installing the Plugin

Please use Plugins tab: (Main menu: Settings | Plugins) to install the plugin. Find Pants Support plugin. Install and Restart IntelliJ.

Minimum set of plugins is required to enable Pants Support features

Importing an entire project directory

Importing targets from a BUILD File

Importing targets from a script

Importing multiple BUILD files/directories

Once you import the project using above steps, you will see the "Project View" with multiple modules configured.

Invoking Pants within IntelliJ

The plugin can invoke any Pants commands via Pants Tasks.

Predefined Pants Tasks for test targets

The plugin can also generate test configurations.

For example if a test class is opened then with a right click it's easy to create a task to run and debug Run Configuration Producer Preconfigured Run Configuration

With a right click in Project View it's easy to create a test task to run all tests for a target Run Configuration Producer


Compilation options can be configured in Preferences -> Build, Execution, Deployment -> Compiler -> Pants: Compilation Options

Plugin Features.

Report Bugs

If you encounter a bug, please check for existing issues or file a new one on the project page.