Java implementation of the Blink protocol (http://blinkprotocol.org) by Pantor Engineering AB (http://www.pantor.com).

Until we have made the jblink JavaDoc documentation available online, it can be browsed at build/docs/javadoc/index.html after you have built jblink.


Build jblink

gradle build


Build the sample code.

gradle compilesampleJava

Start the test server that responds to 'ping' with 'pong', using the blink schema pingpong.blink, using tcp port 4711:

java -cp build/libs/jblink.jar:build/classes/sample com.pantor.test.TestServer src/sample/pingpong.blink 4711

Start the test client that sends 'ping' messages to the server:

java -cp build/libs/jblink.jar:build/classes/sample com.pantor.test.TestClient src/sample/pingpong.blink localhost:4711