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WARNING: the updated version of this repo is now here OpenVidu/full-teaching

What is FullTeaching?

FullTeaching is an educational web application to make online classes easy for teachers as well as students. Its current main features are the following:

Dashboard: all your courses and your calendar

Calendar: here you have all your sessions, with direct access to their specific course

Classes: ordered by date, teachers can easily add new ones and modify existing ones

Forum: unlimited entries for posting all your questions

Files: advanced tree structure to keep all the course's files clear and tidy

Adding students to the course is as simple as pasting their emails. FullTeaching will automatically do the rest

Quick start guide

How to execute a demo FullTeaching service (Docker)

To get FullTeaching working in the easiest way, you just have to download the file above docker-compose.yml and run docker-compose up in its directory. This will pull all the necessary images from DockerHub and will execute everything (it will take one minute after the pull ends). Go to http://localhost:5000/ and there you have it!

You will need some user data to test the features. These are the default users for the demo:

How to develop FullTeaching

To get a full development version of the app just execute the following commands:


Installation and execution

First of all, it is necessary to create a schema for MySQL:

    $ mysql -u root -p
    $ CREATE DATABASE full_teaching;
    $ exit

Then we can build and run the project:

    $ git clone https://github.com/pabloFuente/full-teaching.git
    $ cd ./full-teaching/angular-cli-project/
    $ npm install
    $ cd ../
    $ ./BuildFrontJarAndRun.sh

This clones the project in your working directory, installs dependencies with npm install and executes the BuildFrontJarAndRun.sh script.

The script BuildFrontJarAndRun.sh builds the FrontEnd with angular-cli, copies all generated files to the Backend static folder, builds and generates the jar with maven and runs the jar file.

Go to http://localhost:5000/ and there you have it! Every time you modify the Front or Back, you can just execute BuildFrontJarAndRun.sh and all the changes will be applied.

:heavy_exclamation_mark: IMPORTANT:

These instructions have been tested for Ubuntu 14.04