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JLineup is a tool which is useful for automated visual regression tests of web pages, especially in continuous delivery pipelines. It can be used as a simple command line tool or as a small web service which is controlled via REST API.

JLineup shoots and compares screenshots of a web page at two consecutive points in time. It does a pixel by pixel comparison of both runs and generates a HTML and a JSON report. Behind the scenes, it uses Selenium and a browser of choice (currently Chrome, Firefox and PhantomJS┬╣ are supported).

JLineup is a configuration compatible replacement for Lineup, implemented in Java. The original Lineup is a Ruby tool, but is not maintained any more.

Credit for original Lineup goes to Finn Lorbeer.

JLineup has no other dependencies than a JVM and a browser.


Let's take this little example config for a check of two paths on otto.de during a deployment:

  "urls": {
    "https://www.otto.de": {
      "paths": [ 
      "window-widths": [ 500,1000,1200,1600 ]
  "wait-after-page-load" : 3,
  "window-height" : 800,
  "browser" : "chrome-headless"

JLineup runs before and after the deployment and generates a report like this:

Screenshot of HTML report

There's also a JSON report, which is great if you want to check things by script:

Example JLineup JSON Report

Quick Howto

JLineup CLI comes as executable Java Archive. Java 8 or higher has to be available to run it.

Open a terminal and download it like this:

wget https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/de/otto/jlineup-cli/4.2.0/jlineup-cli-4.2.0.jar -O jlineup.jar

Then type

java -jar jlineup.jar --help

to see the command line help.

See the CLI documentation for more details and a small tutorial.

Integration example

This is an example, how JLineup can be helpful in your automated build and deploy pipeline. Let's assume, this is part of a continuous integration pipeline:

Pipeline exampe

Browser Compatibility

JLineup 4.2.0 was tested successfully with

Chrome or Firefox have to be installed on the system if you want to use one of them.


JLineup as CLI tool

JLineup as web server

JLineup Job Configuration

Third Party Libraries

JLineup uses some third party tools and libraries

Edison Microservice
Spring Boot


If you have questions or proposals, please open an issue or write an email to marco DOT geweke AT otto.de


┬╣) PhantomJS Development has been suspended. For more details go to https://github.com/ariya/phantomjs/issues/15344