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XBDD is a tool to unite automated and manual testing efforts using Cucumber feature files. Test reports can be uploaded to XBDD manually or via a continuous integration server, giving you an information radiator on how many tests are passing, how many failed and how many can be run manually. Pin a report and get your team to walk through the manual feature files and check off each step to perform a full regression test.

NOTE: XBDD is currently being rebuilt using newer libraries and tooling. If you want to use the older version please use the legacy/1.2.0 branch or the 1.2.0 tag.


See INSTALL for details on prerequisites, installation and configuration.

For Performance / Production

Run the script contained within mongoIndexes.txt to create compound indexes required for search/sort.

Uploading reports

Cucumber JSON reports can be uploaded manually from the XBDD main page. See UPLOAD for instructions on automating the upload with Maven.


For all those wishing to contribute to XBDD please fork the repository, and submit your changes via a pull request. See DEVELOPMENT for information on setting up a development environment.