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This is the code behind

Sources are licensed under the Apache 2 license.

This service is mostly developed by Smile ( External contributions, ideas... are highly welcome.

This is still a work in progress as we plan to clean up the code/add feature/... in the future.

Contact us

You can contact us via twitter or via email /contact at artifact dash listener dot org/.


Artifact Listener is a Spring based application using JavaConfig.

It uses:

How to start

Using Eclipse and m2eclipse, just clone the repository in Eclipse.

Start Postgres

Native PostgreSQL

You need to create a PostgreSQL database called maven_artifact_notifier:

createuser -U postgres maven_artifact_notifier
createdb -U postgres -O maven_artifact_notifier maven_artifact_notifier
psql -U postgres -c "alter user maven_artifact_notifier with password 'maven_artifact_notifier';"


To run PostgreSQL in a docker container, run the included docker/ Shut it down with These commands assume you have Docker installed on your development machine and that docker is on your path. The docker container exposes the default Postgres port of 5432, so that port must not be in use unless you modify the startup script to expose a different port.

Initialize Artifact Listener Database

Run Artifact Listener

Native Tomcat

Deploy the webapp (maven-artifact-notifier-webapp/target/maven-artifact-notifier.war) in your container of choice - we use Tomcat 7 embedded in WST.

You can override default configuration ( by creating a /etc/maven-artifact-notifier/ file.

You may also override log4j configuration with a /etc/maven-artifact-notifier/ file.


Build the project (mvn clean package) and configure the application for local testing with Docker by modifying docker/ if required. You can run it with Tomcat in a Docker container using docker/, which mounts the WAR file into Tomcat's webapps directory so you can run development builds in place. Stop it with docker/ The docker container exposes Tomcat's default port of 8080, so that port must not be in use unless you modify the startup script to expose a different port.

Artifact listener should now be available at http://localhost:8080/maven-artifact-notifier. Default login/password is [email protected]/admin.