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OpenSim is software that lets users develop models of musculoskeletal structures and create dynamic simulations of movement.

This repository contains the source code for OpenSim's Java GUI, and does not include source code for the OpenSim core API.

NOTE: This repository contains version 4.0 GUI development and cannot be used to build OpenSim 3.x or earlier.

NOTE: Due to the small development team working on the GUI, we do not provide support for building or altering the OpenSim GUI source code. Advanced users can refer to the appveyor.yml or .travis.yml scripts in this folder.

More information can be found at our websites


The OpenSim GUI uses the open source Apache License 2.0 (see LICENSE.txt in this directory), making it suitable for commercial, government, academic, and personal use.

Third-party components have their own licenses; see LICENSE.txt, NOTICE.txt, and our Acknowledgements webpage for more information.

The OpenSim GUI's visualizer uses JxBrowser, which is a proprietary software. The use of JxBrowser is governed by JxBrowser Product Licence Agreement. If you would like to use JxBrowser in your development, please contact TeamDev.


The OpenSim project has received funding from the following grants and contracts:

How to acknowledge us

Acknowledging the OpenSim project helps us and helps you. It allows us to track our impact, which is essential for securing funding to improve the software and provide support to our users (you). If you use OpenSim, we would be extremely grateful if you acknowledge us by citing the following paper.

Delp SL, Anderson FC, Arnold AS, Loan P, Habib A, John CT, Guendelman E, Thelen DG. OpenSim: Open-source Software to Create and Analyze Dynamic Simulations of Movement. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering. (2007)

If you use plugins, models, or other components contributed by your fellow researchers, you must acknowledge their work as described in the license that accompanies each of these files.

Building from the source code

Currently, we only provide instructions for Windows. It is possible to build and run the GUI on OSX and Linux; though it is not thoroughly tested on these platforms. Linux builds are in beta. We will write instructions for OSX in the future; for now, you can follow the Windows and Linux instructions as a rough guide and/or refer to the Travis, Appveyor, or GitHub Actions CI configs.

See the OpenSim Confluence Wiki for additional information.

Building on Windows

Get the dependencies

You can obtain some of these dependencies using the Chocolatey package manager. Get Chocolatey, open a new PowerShell window (run as Administrator), and run the following command:

choco install jdk8 netbeans-jee ant

Configure and generate Visual Studio project files

Invoke CMake with the root of this repository as the source directory, and set the following CMake variables:

Use the CMake GUI to Configure and Generate project files for the Visual Studio 14 2015 generator.

Open the OpenSim GUI project in NetBeans

Open NetBeans and open the NetBeans project in the repository located at Gui/opensim. Even if you don't plan to use the NetBeans IDE to build the GUI, this step is necessary to generate configuration files. The alternative is to run Ant with the following additional command-line flags:

-Dnbplatform.default.netbeans.dest.dir="C:/Program Files/NetBeans 8.0.2" 
-Dnbplatform.default.harness.dir="C:/Program Files/NetBeans 8.0.2/harness"

We use these additional flags in our automated builds in AppVeyor.

CMake targets and packaging the distribution

The Visual Studio "solution" you generated earlier provides the following targets (none of which actually compile C++ code):

If you plan to make changes to the GUI, you can now continue to use NetBeans to edit the Java source code and build and run the GUI.

Building on Linux (beta)

Building on Linux is considered beta, and has only been tested with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, however, these instructions should work for other distributions with some modifications (eg package manager, package names, etc).

sudo apt install build-essentials git cmake openjdk-8-jdk liblapack3 libgconf-2-4

chmod 755
./ --silent

unzip -q -d ~
git clone

mkdir build
cd build

cmake ../opensim-gui -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=~/opensim-core \
    -DAnt_EXECUTABLE="~/netbeans-8.2/extide/ant/bin/ant" \

make CopyOpenSimCore
make PrepareInstaller

# Tarball found at ~/opensim-gui/Gui/opensim/dist/
# Alternately:
cd ~/opensim-gui/Gui/opensim/dist/installer/OpenSim

Manual installation for untested 'nixes

Opensim-core and the GUI depend on the following shared libraries that are not installed by default and/or with Java (openjdk-8-jre) on Ubuntu 18.04: