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Open Baton NFV Orchestrator

Open Baton NFVO is an open source project providing a reference implementation of the NFVO based on the ETSI NFV MANO specification.

Technical Requirements

In order to execute the NFVO you need to have installed a JVM and RabbitMQ. Those components are typically installed as part of the bootstrap installation scripts provided.

In addition, you need to have a running and configured Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM). Open Baton provides a plugin for getting started with OpenStack as initial VIM.

How to install Open Baton NFVO

In order to install Open Baton you can follow the installation guide that will guide you to the installation procedure step by step. You can choose between installing a development version (compiling the latest version available) or a more stable version (downloading the binary packages from our repository).

You can also execute the installation by your own checking out this repository and compiling the source code with gradle. However, you need to make sure that all the requirements are satisfied (RabbitMQ properly configured, etc.), therefore we suggest to follow the documentation for avoiding any issues.

How to use Open Baton NFVO


Open Baton provides an easy to use dashboard. After you complete the installation of the NFVO, the dashboard should be available on port 8080. Therefore, connecting to [http://localhost:8080] you should be able to access the dashboard and start playing with it. Please refer to the documentation for more details.


For the full list of APIs please refer to our API DOC

How to extend Open Baton NFVO

In our documentation there are multiple tutorials that guide you through this process

Issue tracker

Issues and bug reports should be posted to the GitHub Issue Tracker of this project

What is Open Baton?

Open Baton is an open source project providing a comprehensive implementation of the ETSI Management and Orchestration (MANO) specification and the TOSCA Standard.

Open Baton provides multiple mechanisms for interoperating with different VNFM vendor solutions. It has a modular architecture which can be easily extended for supporting additional use cases.

It integrates with OpenStack as standard de-facto VIM implementation, and provides a driver mechanism for supporting additional VIM types. It supports Network Service management either using the provided Generic VNFM and Juju VNFM, or integrating additional specific VNFMs. It provides several mechanisms (REST or PUB/SUB) for interoperating with external VNFMs.

It can be combined with additional components (Monitoring, Fault Management, Autoscaling, and Network Slicing Engine) for building a unique MANO comprehensive solution.

Source Code and documentation

The Source Code of the other Open Baton projects can be found here and the documentation can be found here .

News and Website

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The Open Baton project provides community support through the Open Baton Public Mailing List and through StackOverflow using the tags openbaton.

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