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OpenTelemetry is a working name of a combined OpenCensus and OpenTracing project.

This project contains the following top level components:

We would love to hear from the larger community: please provide feedback proactively.

Note about extensions

Both API and SDK extensions consist of various additional components which are excluded from the core artifacts to keep them from growing too large. We still aim to provide the same level of quality and guarantee for them as for the core components. Please don't hesitate to use them if you find them useful.

Project setup and contribute

Please refer to the contribution guide on how to setup and contribute!

Quick Start

Please refer to the quick start guide on how use the OpenTelemetry API.


Snapshots based out the master branch are available for opentelemetry-api, opentelemetry-sdk and the rest of the artifacts:





repositories {
    maven { url '' }

dependencies {

Libraries will usually only need opentelemetry-api, while applications may want to use opentelemetry-sdk.


OpenTelemetry Java is under active development. Releases aren't guaranteed to conform to a specific version of the specification. Future releases will not attempt to maintain backwards compatibility with previous releases.

The latest version of the libraries were released on March 27th, 2020. See the v0.3.0 alpha release.

This is a current feature status list:

Component Version
Tracing API v0.3.0
Tracing SDK v0.3.0
Metrics API v0.3.0
Metrics SDK v0.3.0
OTLP Exporter v0.3.0
Jaeger Trace Exporter v0.3.0
Zipkin Trace Exporter dev
Prometheus Metrics Exporter dev
Context Propagation v0.3.0
OpenTracing Bridge v0.3.0
OpenCensus Bridge N/A

See the project milestones for details on upcoming releases. The dates and features described in issues and milestones are estimates, and subject to change.


We plan to merge projects and pave the path for future improvements as a unified community of tracing vendors, users and library authors who wants apps be managed better. We are open to feedback and suggestions from all of you!


Approvers (@open-telemetry/java-approvers):

Find more about the approver role in community repository.

Maintainers (@open-telemetry/java-maintainers):

Find more about the maintainer role in community repository.