# :key: OneOps Secrets Proxy [![Maven Central][maven-svg]][maven-url] [![api-doc][apidoc-svg]][apidoc-url] [![java-doc][javadoc-svg]][javadoc-url] [![changelog][cl-svg]][cl-url] A secure proxy service for managing [OneOps][oneops-url] secrets.

How to run

Set all the secrets-proxy env vars.

 $ ./mvnw clean package
 $ java -jar target/secrets-proxy-<version>.jar


OneOps Secrets-Proxy Keystores

The following Trust-stores/Keystores are used in Secrets-proxy application.


Keysync is the keywhiz client used on computes to sync secrets. Inorder to build keysync,

   # Make sure to install go (https://golang.org/dl/)
   # export GOOS=linux
   $ mkdir ~/tmp
   $ export GOPATH=$HOME/tmp
   $ go get -u github.com/square/keysync
   $ cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/square/keysync
   $ go build -o keysync ./cmd/keysync/
   $ ./keysync --help

Generate JOOQ source.

 $ ./mvnw clean package -P generate



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