OncoKB Core

Repository for OncoKB, a precision oncology knowledge base.

The core of OncoKB Annotation service.

Prepare properties files

cp -r core/src/main/resources/properties-EXAMPLE core/src/main/resources/properties

Properties file

  1. database.properties
    • jdbc.driverClassName : We use mysql as database. Here, it will be com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
    • jdbc.url: Database url
    • jdbc.username & jdbc.password: MySQL user name and password
  2. config.properties

Build the war file

mvn clean install -P public -DskipTests=true

Deploy with frontend

Please choose one of the profile when building the war file


The best way is to send an email to [email protected] so all our team members can help.
We are also available on Gitter. Gitter