Version 0.3


The Problem

This tool aims to improve the workflow between game programmer and the audio engineer. gdx-soundboard addresses the problem where audio-engineers want to describe events and event transitions without touching code. gdx-soundboard solves with easy-to-use GUI and the ability to export json.

The Workflow

* Your audio guy creates music tracks for the game.
* Your audio guy specifies transitions between these tracks.
* Your audio guy saves the track by exporting the json.
* You import the json in your game using the library.
* You fire events and the music automatically transitions using the defined transitions.


Standard libgdx formats: ogg, wav and mp3.

Supported controls:


Need an effect? Want to fix a bug? Want to change the format? Pull requests and issues are welcome.

ToDo v0.3


The example audio tracks were created by @Sweeppah (