NULS 2.0

Welcome to NULS!


NULS is a blockchain infrastructure that provides customizable services and is also a global open-source community blockchain project. NULS adopts micro-services to achieve a highly modular underlying architecture, using smart contracts and cross-chain technologies, combined with the ability of Chain Factory to quickly build chains, reduce development costs, and accelerate blockchain business application landing.

Getting Started

Download Release


Running NULS 2.0


Execute the following command:


Check Status

It takes a certain amount of time to start. You can get the startup status with the following command:


Note: The command will automatically end when all modules are started.


Command Command
start Start the program and start all NULS modules one after another.
shutdown Stop the program and stop all NULS modules one after another.
check-status Check the running status of all modules; stop screen output when all modules are successfully started

Docker Quick Start

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Explorer and Web Wallet

Explorer URL:

Web Wallet:

ChainBox Tutorial

Please check the following documents:


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Stay tuned


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Modules Description

Please check the following documents:

Note: Some documents are in the process of being updated, so please understand if there are some inconsistencies.


Contributions to NULS are welcomed! We sincerely invite developers who are experienced in the blockchain field to join the NULS technology community. Details: To be a great community, Nuls needs to welcome developers from all walks of life, with different backgrounds, and with a wide range of experience.


Nuls is released under the MIT license. Modules added in the future may be released under a different license specified in their module library path.