R2RML Parser

An R2RML implementation that can export relational database contents as RDF graphs, based on an R2RML mapping document. Contains an R2RML mapping document for the DSpace institutional repository solution.

For more information, please see the wiki.

Please send any feedback or questions to [email protected], or open a new issue. Happy to discuss how to get value from your data.

If you use R2RML Parser, please cite it in your publications as follows:

author = {Nikolaos Konstantinou and Dimitrios-Emmanuel Spanos and Nikos Houssos and Nikolaos Mitrou},
title = {Exposing scholarly information as Linked Open Data: RDFizing DSpace contents},
journal = {The Electronic Library},
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Implementation details

R2RML implementation written fully in Java 7, using Apache Jena 2.11, Spring 4.0, JUnit 4.9, and Maven 3.1. Tested against MySQL 5.6, PostgreSQL 9.2 and Oracle 11g.


This work is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.


You can find in the wiki a list of publications based on the tool.