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Shopkeepers is a Bukkit plugin which allows you to set up custom villager shopkeepers that sell exactly what you want them to sell and for what price. You can set up admin shops, which have infinite supply, and you can also set up player shops, which pull supply from a chest.

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Source code:

Maven repository for releases:
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All "volatile" code (any code that relies on CraftBukkit, NMS or specific Bukkit versions) should be in the compat package. Please keep this code to a minimum wherever possible, as adding more volatile code makes the updating process more difficult. If it is possible to create a non-volatile fallback method, please do so and put it in the FailedHandler class.

For any major feature changes, please make a forum thread about it and/or create an extra branch so it can be discussed before you commit the code to the main repository.

Build with Maven

This is the recommended and easy way to compile the plugin yourself and/or help to contribute to it. Just check out the project to your machine and import it in Eclipse with Import > Maven > Existing Maven Project. Then just right click the imported project and select Run As > Maven install.

Build without Maven

If you really want to do it the old school way, you're free to import the project in Eclipse with Import > General > Existing Project into Workspace. You'll find that the project will instantly show some errors because it's missing its' dependencies. You also need to make sure that you'll include the provided modules (NMSHandlers).

Here's how you do that: