Magic The Gathering Companion

Personal Magic the Gathering card manager Deck Builder and Collection Editor

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Website :

MTG Companion website

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Need to have Java >=13 installed :

download and unzip latest release at

go to /bin directory and launch mtg-desktop-companion.bat (for windows) or (for unix)

Setup from source

git clone

mvn -DskipTests clean install

cd target/executable/bin and launch mtg-desktop-companion.bat or

Features :


Main interface :

Get realtime prices on seller websites :

Deck Manager :

Collection Manager :

Manage your dashboard with your interested "dashlet"

Check for price variation :

Use "MoreLikeThis" Functionnality :

import or export your card list / deck :

Be alerted for your wanted cards :

Manage your stock :

Store your financial movement and check your benefits :

Try your deck in game simulator :

Create deck in sealed format :

get your companion in discord's channels :

get your companion in chrome :

Generate Website of your collections :

Create your own cards :

Get news from your favorites sites :

Manage your card with the reponsive web UI :