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For more information about NextReports Server see the product page link.

How to build



After above steps a folder artifacts is created and all goodies are in that folder.

How to run

It's very simple to run the nextreports-server. First, you must build the project using above steps. After building process go to dist folder and replace some variables:

Execute the script:

Start an internet browser immediately after the server starts (it displays in command prompt something like "Started [email protected]:8081") and type http://localhost:@[email protected]/nextreports-server (for example http://localhost:8081/nextreports-server). In login page enter the default username and password: admin as username and 1 as password.

Using Maven

NextReports Server comes with some web services that allows other applications to interact with the server using a simple API on following levels:

In your pom.xml you must define the dependencies to nextreports-server-clients artifacts with:


where ${nextreports-server-client.version} is the last nextreports-server-client version.

You may want to check for the latest released version using Maven Search