This plugin has been deprecated and replaced and there will be no future updates.

A newer plugin with updated features can be found here.


Intellij Demandware Plugin

Develop Demandware with Pleasure!



This plugin requires Java JDK8 to work correctly. This means that you will need to download a build of Intellij that has the JDK8 bundled on Mac or have JDK8 installed on your machine if you run Windows.

Building the Plugin

To run and debug this plugin you will need to follow the instructions provided in the Intellij plugin wiki http://www.jetbrains.org/intellij/sdk/docs/basics/getting_started/setting_up_environment.html. You will also need to mark the resources folder as resources to include them in the plugin build.

To create the plugin jar select "Prepare Plugin Module 'intellij-demandware' For Deployment from the build menu. This will create the intellij-demandware.jar in your project folder.

Installing the Plugin

Now you can install the intellij-demandware.jar through the plugin preferences by using the 'Install plugin from disk' option.

In the future this plugin may be added to the plugin repo for installation through the plugin manager using the 'Browse repositories...' option.

Project Setup

Follow the Demandware project wizard in order to enter your server settings. Once the project is loaded right click on the cartridges you would like to have synced to the server. Select 'Mark Directory As' from the context menu and mark the directory as 'Sources Root.' This will let the plugin know to sync the cartridge. This functionality is planned to change in the future and will also be a part of the facet config and the project wizard.