EditorConfig Eclipse

EditorConfig plugin for the Eclipse IDE.

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Install from Eclipse Marketplace by dragging the following install link to a running Eclipse workspace:



No additional configuration is required other than creating .editorconfig files. The plugin applies the editorconfig settings for a file when opened in a supported editor (currently Text, Java, XML and Ant editors).

How It Works

Whenever an Eclipse editor is opened or gains focus, the .editorconfig settings are obtained for that editor's file and applied globally to all supported editor types. How the editorconfig is obtained for any file is described in the EditorConfig docs:

When opening a file, EditorConfig plugins look for a file named
.editorconfig in the directory of the opened file and in every parent
directory. A search for .editorconfig files will stop if the root filepath
is reached or an EditorConfig file with root=true is found.

Feature Support

Feature Support Notes
indent_style Yes tested with Java, XML, Ant and text editors
indent_size Yes tested with Java, XML, Ant and text editors
tab_width No
end_of_line No applies to files created after similar file opened
charset Yes untested
trim_trailing_whitespace No
insert_final_newline No


Eclipse Mars and Luna are supported.


Building requires Java 1.6 and Maven 3.x.

To build, run:

mvn clean install

Note that the build depends on the editorconfig core source via a Git submodule. To initialize the submodule, run:

git submodule init && \
git submodule update


Functional tests, implemented with JUnit and SwtBot, are located in the editorconfig-eclipse-functional-test directory. To run the tests:

mvn -f editorconfig-eclipse-functional-test/pom.xml integration-test

Installing Locally

Install via the local update site: editorconfig-eclipse-p2/target/repository.


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.