Astrobee Robot Software - Android submodule


Astrobee is a free-flying robot that is designed to operate as a payload inside the International Space Station (ISS). The Astrobee Robot Software consists of embedded (on-board) software, supporting tools and a simulator. The Astrobee Robot Software operates on Astrobee's three internal single board computers and uses the open-source Robot Operating System (ROS) framework as message-passing middleware. The Astrobee Robot Software performs vision-based localization, provides autonomous navigation, docking and perching, manages various sensors and actuators, and supports user interaction via screen-based displays, light signaling, and sound. The Astrobee Robot Software enables Astrobee to be operated in multiple modes: plan-based task execution (command sequencing), teleoperation, or autonomously through execution of hosted code uploaded by project partners (guest science). The software simulator enables Astrobee Robot Software to be evaluated without the need for robot hardware.

This repository contains the libraries and API to support Guest Science application running on the Astrobee High Level Processor (HLP). The HLP runs the Android Nougat Operating System (7.1.1). The Astrobee Robot Software exposes a Java API that can be used either in pure Java land or Android land to interact with robot internal messaging system based on ROS.

A distinct repository, astrobee, contains the core flight software for Astrobee. Note that astrobee repository is required to used astrobee_android (it contains all the message definitions).

Also note that the Astrobee Robot Software is in beta stage. This means that some features are missing and some functionalities are incomplete. Please consult for the current list of features and limitations.

Please see the Guest Science Readme for a description of how guest science should interact with the Astrobee flight software. This documentation also contains examples to help guest science interface with Astrobee.

Please see the Guest Science Resources page for information on guest science capabilities on Astrobee.


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