Nacos Spring Boot Project

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Alibaba Nacos ships main core features of Cloud-Native application, including:

Nacos Spring Boot Project is based on it and embraces Spring Boot ECO System so that developers could build Spring Boot application rapidly.

Nacos Spring Boot Project consist of two parts: nacos-config-spring-boot and nacos-discovery-spring-boot.

nacos-config-spring-boot module is using for Dynamic Configuration Management and Service and MetaData Management.

nacos-discovery-spring-boot module is using for Service Discovery, Service Health Check and Dynamic DNS Service.


Dependencies & Compatibility

master branch

Dependencies Compatibility
Java 1.8+
Spring Boot 2.0.3.RELEASE
Nacos-Spring-Context 0.3.6

1.x branch

Dependencies Compatibility
Java 1.7+
Spring Boot 1.4.1.RELEASE
Nacos-Spring-Context 0.3.6

Quick Start

For more information about Nacos Spring, see Nacos Spring Project.

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