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A skeleton application for Google Cloud Endpoints in Java.

  1. Update the value of application in appengine-web.xml to the app ID you have registered in the App Engine admin console and would like to use to host your instance of this sample.

  2. Add your API method to src/main/java/com/google/training/helloworld/

  3. Optional step: These sub steps are not required but you need this if you want to have auth protected methods.

    1. Update the values in src/main/java/com/google/training/helloworld/ to reflect the respective client IDs you have registered in the APIs Console.

    2. You also need to supply the web client ID you have registered in the APIs Console to your client of choice (web, Android, iOS).

  4. Run the application with mvn appengine:devserver, and ensure it's running by visiting your local server's api explorer's address (by default localhost:8080/_ah/api/explorer.)

  5. Get the client library with

    $ mvnappengine:endpoints_get_client_lib

    It will generate a client library jar file under the target/endpoints-client-libs/<api-name>/target directory of your project, as well as install the artifact into your local maven repository.

  6. Deploy your application to Google App Engine with

    $ mvn appengine:update