restful-booker-platform CircleCI

A platform of web services that form a Hotel booking system for training others on how to explore and test web service platforms as well as strategise and implement automation in testing strategies.


RBP is currently known to work with the following requirements:

Building locally

You will require Java SDK 11, Maven and Node/Npm installed and available in your terminal to run RBP. To get started follow these instructions:

  1. Clone/Download the repository
  2. Navigate into the restful-booker-platform root folder
  3. Run either bash on Linux or Mac or build_locally.cmd on Windows to build RBP and get it running (It may take a while on the first run as it downloads dependencies)
  4. Navigate to http://localhost:8080 to access the site

Running locally

Assuming you have successfully built the application at least once, you can now run the app without having to rebuild the whole application.

Mac / Linux

  1. To run without end-to-end checks run:
  2. To run with end-to-end checks run: -e true


  1. To run without end-to-end checks run: run_locally.cmd
  2. To run with end-to-end checks run: run_locally.cmd true


The user login details are:


The details on running checks, building APIs and additional details on documentation for development are found in READMEs inside each of the API folders.