Please use the Aedict Issue Tracker to also report bugs for Aedict 3. The files present in this repository contain sources for the old Aedict 2, please see below for more information.

Use Aedict 3 on your desktop

Fire up your browser and head to Aedict Online - an online clone of the Android Aedict. Be warned - it is still in the Alpha phase though :)

Aedict Ultimate

Aedict is now subscription-based, to help fund further development. Please read more at the Aedict Blog, the Aedict Ultimate Blogpost.

Aedict 2 Sources

This is the original repository of the old Aedict 2 code base. Aedict 2 is no longer maintained by me, but I have open-sourced the sources under GPL3. Please feel free to check them out. Beware - the sources are very old, the build system uses an unofficial Maven plugin, so there is no guarantee that you will be able to build the app.

The sources are open-sourced under the GPL3 license.