MojoHaus Versions Maven Plugin

This is the versions-maven-plugin.

Apache License, Version 2.0, January 2004 Maven Central Main JDKBuilds


Creating Issues

If you find a problem please create an issue in the ticket and describe what is going wrong or what you expect to happen. If you have a full working example or a log file this is also helpful. You should of course describe only a single issue in a single ticket and not mixing up several different things into a single issue.

Creating a Pull Request

Before you create a pull request it is necessary to create an issue in the ticket system and describe what the problem is or what kind of feature you would like to add. Afterwards you can create an appropriate pull request.

It is required if you want to get a Pull request to be integrated into please squash your commits into a single commit which references the issue in the commit message which looks like this:

Fixed #Issue
 o Description.

This makes it simpler to merge it and this will also close the appropriate issue automatically in one go. This make the life as maintainer a little bit easier.

A pull request has to fulfill only a single ticket and should never create/add/fix several issues in one, cause otherwise the history is hard to read and to understand and makes the maintenance of the issues and pull request hard or to be honest impossible.

Furthermore it is necessary to create appropriate entries into the file as well.


For publishing the site do the following:

cd target/checkout
mvn verify site site:stage scm-publish:publish-scm