Using TicDesign, you can make your wear App full of elegant user interaction, following the Ticwear Design Guide. If your App runs on Ticwatch, Tickle support is also built in to interact with your App.

Check out TicDesign website to see how we think of UX on watch, and how to use the TicDesign.

How to Use

Add dependencies in your module build.gradle:

dependencies {
    compile 'com.ticwear:ticdesign:1.1.0'

For details of development, check out TicDesign Dev Doc or find it in code。

Has Question or Found Bug?

Feel free to post issues when you have questions or found a bug.


Pull Request is welcome if you are interested in sharing your code to contribute to the open source community.

Contribute Code

Please send pull request to dev branch. we will merge your code after review. When we finished testing, a new version of library will be released from dev to master, and deployed to repository center.

If you have new widgets you want to add to TicDesign, please:

  1. Add your widget code to ticwear.design.widget package.
  2. Add your resources related to the widget in files like *_widget.xml.
  3. Add doc for your new widget. (Read following section on how to do this)

Contribute Doc

Documentation for TicDesign, is published by Website, hosted on GitHub Pages, and written in Markdown. But currentlly we only have a Chinese version of the site. We will add support of other languages later. Or if you are familiar with Chinese, you are very welcome to translate it into other languages.

To modify or add doc, you need to check out gh-pages branch, and read the README.en.md for details.


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