GDX Fireapp

A libGDX cross-platform API for Firebase.

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Getting Started

The first thing you should do is install Firebase SDK and add gradle dependencies.

Android guide - iOS guide - HTML guide - ProGuard required rules


implementation "pl.mk5.gdx-fireapp:gdx-fireapp-core:$gdxFireappVersion"


implementation "pl.mk5.gdx-fireapp:gdx-fireapp-android:$gdxFireappVersion"


implementation "pl.mk5.gdx-fireapp:gdx-fireapp-ios-moe:$gdxFireappVersion"


implementation "pl.mk5.gdx-fireapp:gdx-fireapp-html:$gdxFireappVersion"


The latest version was built using libGDX 1.9.8, multi-os-engine 1.4.3, gwt 2.8.0, iOS Firebase sdk 5.x, android Firebase sdk 16.x



This API is like a bridge between libGDX app and Firebase sdk. It covers Firebase functionality, so if you have some knowledge of the Firebase SDK, using this API should be intuitive.


To initialize Firebase SDK, just put this line somewhere in your app initialization code:


Firebase Analytics should start working just after this step.

If you added Fabric/Crashlytics to your project, you should also initialize it:




To see some examples, please go to examples wiki page.


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