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Minnal is a highly scalable and productive RESTful service framework that helps you eliminate boiler plate code and build services faster. It allows you to build services at lightning speed through its powerful instrumentation module. It generates the APIs for your resources at runtime and eliminates the need to write controller and data access layers for your service leaving you to focus on enriching your domain.

Visit minnal.github.io/minnal for more information.

How Minnal is different from other frameworks?

Minnal draw parallels with the likes of RESTExpress and DropWizard and has been inspired by those frameworks. It differentiates itself from them by focusing on domain modeling and evolving APIs around them. As a application developer, you should be able to focus more on enriching the domain layer with Minnal.

Getting Started

The Getting Started page walks you through building a shopping cart application and in the process explains the core concepts of minnal.


The User Documentation explains in detail about the various modules and functionalities provided by minnal. This page is continously updated on every release.


The Pet Clinic Application serves as an example for simplicity and agility of minnal. This application is taken from Spring Projects and ported to minnal.

The Order Management Application uses most of the functionalities of the instrumentation module and has a basic authentication setup.


Minnal is licensed under The Apache Software License, Version 2.0