Java Debug Server for Visual Studio Code


The Java Debug Server is an implementation of Visual Studio Code (VSCode) Debug Protocol. It can be used in Visual Studio Code to debug Java programs.



The Java Debug Server is the bridge between VSCode and JVM. The implementation is based on JDI (Java Debug Interface). It works with Eclipse JDT Language Server as an add-on to provide debug functionalities.

Repository Structure



mvnw.cmd clean install

Linux and macOS:

./mvnw clean install

Usage with

To use java-debug as a plugin, an LSP client has to launch with initializationOptions that contain the path to the built java-debug jar within a bundles array:

    "initializationOptions": {
        "bundles": [

Editor extensions like vscode-java take care of this.

Once launched, the client can send a Command to the server to start a debug session:

  "command": ""

The response to this request will contain a port number on which the debug adapter is listening, and to which a client implementing the debug-adapter protocol can connect to.


EPL 1.0, See LICENSE file.