Micronaut GraphQL

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This project includes integration between Micronaut and GraphQL Java.

The Micronaut GraphQL integration can be used together with other GraphQL integration libraries like GraphQL Java Tools and GraphQL SPQR.


  • Micronaut GraphQL 1.3.0 and above requires Micronaut Core 1.3.0 as minimal dependency.
  • Micronaut GraphQL 1.2.0 and above requires Micronaut Core 1.2.x as minimal dependency.


See the Documentation for more information.


There are various examples provided in this repository.

Snapshots and Releases

Snaphots are automatically published to JFrog OSS using Github Actions.

See the documentation in the Micronaut Docs for how to configure your build to use snapshots.

Releases are published to JCenter and Maven Central via Github Actions.

A release is performed with the following steps: