This application was originally generated using JHipster 4.13.0, you can find documentation and help at After generation, I stripped out many of the features that were unnecessary for the Spring Batch demo.



This application is built for an runs on JDK 1.8. If you wanted to leverage JDK 9, you will need to make changes to your JVM to add modules, such as JAXB, for dependencies to work correctly.


The project makes use of Gradle as the build tool. The Gradle wrapper is used to assure consistency of version. This application was built and runs with Gradle version 4.4.1.


The project was built using IntelliJ IDEA.

Spring Boot

The project leverages Spring Boot version 2.0.0.RELEASE.

Spring Batch

The project leverages Spring Batch version 4.0.0.RELEASE.


To start your application in the dev profile, simply run:



To launch your application's tests, run:

./gradlew test

Building for production

To optimize the PatientBatchLoader application for production, run:

./gradlew -Pprod clean bootRepackage

To ensure everything worked, run:

java -jar build/libs/*.war