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Pure Data extension for LibGDX.


What is it ?

LibGDX is a cross platform game framework. If you don't know, please visit :

Puredata (Pd) is an audio synthesis application coded in C providing graphical programming. gdx-pd is based on LibPd java bindings. If you don't know, please visit :

This extension enables audio synthesis in games with pd patches and provides some usefull tools for audio design.


Supported platforms

Platform Supported
Linux 64 yes
Linux 32 yes
Android yes
Windows 64 yes
Windows 32 yes
MacOSX 64 yes
MacOSX 32 yes
iOS not yet
Web not yet


Full documentation is available in this repository :

Showcase and Resources

Futur works

How to use

Configure your LibGDX project

Just add gradle dependencies as usual :

Jars are not available on Maven Central yet. Please read the "Build from sources" section.

project(":core") {
    apply plugin: "java"
    dependencies {
        compile "net.mgsx.gdx:gdx-pd:$pdVersion"

project(":desktop") {
    apply plugin: "java"
    dependencies {
        compile project(":core")
        compile "net.mgsx.gdx:gdx-pd-platform:$pdVersion:desktop"
        compile "net.mgsx.gdx:gdx-pd-platform:$pdVersion:natives-desktop"

project(":android") {
    apply plugin: "android"

    configurations { natives }

    dependencies {
        compile project(":core")
        compile "net.mgsx.gdx:gdx-pd-backend-android:$pdVersion"
        natives "net.mgsx.gdx:gdx-pd-platform:$pdVersion:natives-armeabi"
        natives "net.mgsx.gdx:gdx-pd-platform:$pdVersion:natives-armeabi-v7a"
        natives "net.mgsx.gdx:gdx-pd-platform:$pdVersion:natives-arm64-v8a"
        natives "net.mgsx.gdx:gdx-pd-platform:$pdVersion:natives-x86"
        natives "net.mgsx.gdx:gdx-pd-platform:$pdVersion:natives-x86_64"

Read more ...

Build from sources

Note that pre-built native binaries are already tracked in this repository and doesn't need to be built exept changes in C sources.

First setup your local git clone :

$ git clone
$ cd gdx-pd
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

You have to tell gradle about your Android sdk location by creating a file :

$ echo 'sdk.dir=[absolute path to Android SDK location]' >

Optionnaly you may want to publish locally in order to use it in your local projects (including gdx-pd-tests projects) :

$ ./gradlew publishToMavenLocal

Re-Build natives

First fetch pd sources :

$ cd gdx-pd/libpd
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update
$ cd ..

Build Linux, Android and Windows binaries

Linux, Android and Windows binaries can be built on any platform supporting Docker (Linux, Windows and OSX). It only requires Docker installed (see, NDK and other cross compiler tools are already included in the docker image.

To rebuild binaries, just run command below :

$ docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/work -w /work/native -it mgsx/gdx-docker ../gradlew buildNative
$ sudo chown -R $USER:$USER .

Build OSX binaries

Only OSX bianries require a Mac development environnement :

To rebuild binaries, just run command below :

$ cd native
$ ../gradlew generateBuildScripts
$ ant -f jni/build-macosx32.xml -v -Dhas-compiler=true clean postcompile
$ ant -f jni/build-macosx64.xml -v -Dhas-compiler=true clean postcompile

Running tests and examples

A bunch of examples are provided in desktop test project. Just import gradle project from "tests" folder and run java classes. You don't need to build gdx-pd in order to run these tests.

An example illustrates sound baking during a gradle build. (you have to replace pdVersion variable with latest gdx-pd version) :

$ cd tests/example-offline
$ ../gradlew -PpdVersion=0.6.0-SNAPSHOT bake 


Pure Data and LibPD (git submodules and native binaries) are licenced under the Standard Improved BSD License

Gdx-pd is licensed under the Apache 2 License


Thanks to Miller Puckette for Pure Data.

Thanks to Peter Brinkmann & the libpd team for their Pure Data wrappers

Thanks to b2renger for his contribution in all gdx-pd related projects.