Mercado Pago SDK for Java

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This library provides developers with a simple set of bindings to help you integrate Mercado Pago API to a website and start receiving payments.

πŸ’‘ Requirements

Java 1.4 or higher

πŸ“² Installation

First time using Mercado Pago? Create your Mercado Pago account, if you don’t have one already.

  1. Append MercadoPago dependencies to pom.xml

            <groupId> com.mercadopago </groupId>
            <artifactId> dx-java </artifactId>
            <version> 1.6.1 </version>
  2. Run mvn install and thats all, you have Mercado Pago SDK installed.

  3. Copy the access_token in the credentials section of the page and replace YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN with it.

That's it! Mercado Pago SDK has been successfully installed.

🌟 Getting Started

Simple usage looks like:

  import com.mercadopago.*;
  import com.mercadopago.exceptions.MPConfException;
  import com.mercadopago.exceptions.MPException;
  import com.mercadopago.resources.Payment;
  import com.mercadopago.resources.datastructures.payment.Payer;

  public class Main {

      public static void main(String[] args)throws MPException, MPConfException {

          Payment payment = new Payment()
                  .setPayer(new Payer()


πŸ“š Documentation

Visit our Dev Site for further information regarding:

Check our official code reference to explore all available functionalities.

❀️ Support

If you require technical support, please contact our support team at

🏻 License

MIT license. Copyright (c) 2018 - Mercado Pago / Mercado Libre 
For more information, see the LICENSE file.