Mundus is a platform independent 3D world editor, built with Java, Kotlin and LibGDX + VisUI. The plan is, that the world you create with Mundus can be exported into a unified format (such as JSON + assets). The exported data can then be imported into any Game Engine, if someone writes a runtime/parser for that engine.


This project is at a very early stage in development, so expect large changes in the future.

Current features

Please note, that a lot of the UI contains dummy controls for functionality that still needs to be implemented. Below are some of the more interesting features, that already work

Things to consider


Currently i'm in the process of implementing the libGDX runtime, which is included in this repository. Runtimes for other engines/frameworks are not planed in the near future.


Contributions are greatly appreciated. To make the process as easy as possible please follow the Contribution Guide. To get an overview over the project you might also want to check out the Project overview & architecture article.

Working from source

See this wiki article.


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