MarkLogic Content Pump and MarkLogic Connector for Hadoop

MarkLogic Content Pump (mlcp) is a command-line tool that provides the fastest way to import, export, and copy data to or from MarkLogic databases. Core features of mlcp include:

You can run mlcp across many threads on a single machine or across many nodes in a Hadoop cluster.

The MarkLogic Connector for Hadoop is an extension to Hadoop’s MapReduce framework that allows you to easily and efficiently communicate with a MarkLogic database from within a Hadoop job. Use the Hadoop Connector to build Hadoop MapReduce jobs that interact with MarkLogic. The Hadoop Connector is also used by mlcp. Core features of the Hadoop Connector include:

Release Note

What's New in mlcp and Hadoop Connector

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Getting Started


For official product documentation, please refer to:

Wiki pages of this project contain useful information when you work on development:

Required Software


mlcp and Hadoop Connector can be built together. Steps to build:

$ git clone
$ cd marklogic-contentpump
$ mvn clean package -DskipTests=true

The build writes to the respective deliverable directory under the top-level ./mlcp/ and ./mapreduce/ directories.

Alternatively, you can build mlcp and the Hadoop Connector independently from each component’s root directory (i.e. ./mlcp/ and ./mapreduce/) with the above command. Note that mlcp depends on the Hadoop Connector, so a successful build of the Hadoop Connector is required to build mlcp.

For information on contributing to this project see For information on working on development of this project see project wiki page.


The unit tests included in this repository are designed to provide illustrative examples of the APIs and to sanity check external contributions. MarkLogic Engineering runs a more comprehensive set of unit, integration, and performance tests internally. To run the unit tests, execute the following command from the marklogic-contentpump/ root directory:

$ mvn test

For detailed information about running unit tests, see Guideline to Run Tests.

Have a question? Need help?

If you have questions about mlcp or the Hadoop Connector, ask on StackOverflow. Tag your question with mlcp and marklogic. If you find a bug or would like to propose a new capability, file a GitHub issue.


mlcp and the Hadoop Connector are maintained by MarkLogic Engineering and distributed under the Apache 2.0 license. They are designed for use in production applications with MarkLogic Server. Everyone is encouraged to file bug reports, feature requests, and pull requests through GitHub. This input is critical and will be carefully considered. However, we can’t promise a specific resolution or timeframe for any request. In addition, MarkLogic provides technical support for release tags of mlcp and the Hadoop Connector to licensed customers under the terms outlined in the Support Handbook. For more information or to sign up for support, visit