An Android module to kindly ask users to rate your application.

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Basically, asks the user before he goes to Play Store if they will rate the app with 1-3 stars or 4-5.

1-3: ask them to send an email with feedback and DOESN'T TAKE THEM TO PLAY STORE 4-5: send them to Play Store normally

Include in project.

You can embed RateMyApp in your application either by downloading and including the library or (better) by declearing it as a dependency.

    dependencies {
        compile 'com.mariosangiorgio:RateMyApp:1.4.0'


Version 1.4

Version 1.2.2-1.3


On your main activity you will need to override in the following wat the onCreate and onSaveInstanceState methods;

public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

     * Do here other things you need to do on creation

    if(savedInstanceState == null ) { // This null guard protects us from calling appLaunched on rotation.
        RateMyAppBuilder builder = new RateMyAppBuilder();
        builder.setLaunchesBeforeAlert(3);  // Optional
        builder.setDaysBeforeAlert(7);      // Optional
        builder.setEmailAddress("[email protected]");   // Optional. It will enable two-phase rating request

        RateMyApp rateMyApp = builder.build(this);


RateMyApp currently supports the following languages:

Customize Strings

If you want to customize any of the message strings you can do it easily with Android default resource override

Build Yourself

Please note that if you want to compile the library by yourself you need to provide values for the signing.password and for sonatypePassword variables. You can either add them (with fake values, the real ones are needed only if you want to publish the library to maven central) to gradle.properties or pass them from the command line (by adding -Psigning.password=SECRET -PsonatypePassword=SECRET to the gradle invocation).