Mobile POS


Sarun Wongtanakarn                              mapfap           [LEAD]

Natchanon Hongladaromp                      nongfoxza

Thunyathon Jaruchotrattanasakul          lostseaway

Veerapat Threeravipark                          ixistic

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Project's Page


How To Install

  1. Open web browser on your android device and type one of these links.
  2. Open 'Downloads' app.
  3. Click to install. (You may need to 'Allow unknown source' in Settings)
  4. (Optional) For a Barcode Scanner Application, download from Google Play Store

Repository Contents

/src                      Java source code

/res                      Android resource

/dist                     Distribution product      Summary description of project and repository contents

.gitignore             Files not to commit to repository.