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Build powerful Java apps using Mapbox's tools and services

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The Mapbox Java SDK contains directions, geocoding, and many more APIs to use inside your Android or Java application. This repository holds the source code for the project and is divided into several modules to make it easier for developers to only include the dependencies needed for their project.

Getting Started

If you are looking to include this inside your project, please take a look at the detailed instructions found in our docs. If you are interested in building from source, read the contributing guide inside of this project.


You'll find all of the documentation for this SDK on our Mapbox Java documentation page. This includes information on installation, using the APIs, and links to the API reference.

Getting Help

Using Snapshots

If you want to test recent bugfixes or features that have not been packaged in an official release yet, you can use a -SNAPSHOT release of the current development version of the Mapbox Java SDK via Gradle, available on JFrog. There are several different snapshots built nightly. Feel free to use any of the modules as needed.

repositories {
    maven { url '' }

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.mapbox.mapboxsdk:mapbox-sdk-services:5.4.0-SNAPSHOT'

Sample code

View the CLI samples or download the Mapbox Demo App to see what's possible with the Mapbox Java SDK. You can also visit the Mapbox Android examples page for additional code examples.


All libraries are contained within the mapbox folder. You can import the project using Android Studio or IntelliJ IDEA. Read the contribution guide to get setup properly.