everywhere :mag:

The name is inspired by everything, an awesome tool to search files in your PC. But the limitation is it can only search for filename. Recently, I am developing a tool to scan the documents in PC to search for some specific kind of data. A idea hits me that if I can develop a tool where I can search the content of files. It is the creation of this tool.

I wish this tool will perform just like its name!:smirk:



For detailed changelog, please refer CHANGELOG

v0.1.3 :arrow_down:





  1. Download the tool from the corresponding tag.
  2. Unzip the app.zip, and run the everywhere.exe in the folder.
  3. The client window will show. For the first time, you should click the index button to index files in your PC(The index time depends on the number and size of your files. In my PC, it is less than 5 minutes). Then you can search everwhere :punch:

Build the exe file

Main features

Environment requirements

Main techniques

Advanced setting

There are some config options in config.yaml. It can be used to config some environment for the application. For example, you can config excludeFilePathList, and fileList. However, the fileList only includes doc, docx, xls, xslx, txt,pdf.


Apache License 2.0