AI Startup with PyTorch


This is the code for this video on Youtube by Siraj Raval on building an AI Startup with PyTorch. This is the original Dialogflow + Android integration project. This is the colab that I demonstrated in the video where I train the PyTorch model on movie reviews, then convert it to ONNX, then to Tensorflow's expected protobuf format.


alt text

Due date is May 15 2019 Submit your entry here.



Download Android Studio then import this project. Since I've placed the dependencies in the build.gradle file, it should auto-download them for you, which is awesome. It needs more features, and better integrated dataflow. I could've put more time into it, but I'm on to the next one. The model was too big to upload to GitHub. Place any .pb model into the app/src/main/assets folder and Tensorflow lite will detect it so it can be used for inference.


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