Cornell AMR Semantic Parser


Java 8.

Preparing the Repository

Pre-trained Models

A pre-trained model is available to download here.


Given a file sentences.txt, which contains a sentence on each line, and a model file amr.sp, both located in the root of the repository:

java -Xmx8g -jar dist/amr-1.0.jar parse rootDir=`pwd` modelFile=`pwd`/amr.sp sentences=`pwd`/sentences.txt

The output files will be in experiments/parse/logs. To see the full set of options (including increasing the logging level), run:

java -jar dist/amr-1.0.jar

Preparing the data (required only for training and testing)

To re-create our experiments, obtain the AMR Bank release 1.0 (LDC2014T12) form LDC. Extract the corpus to the directory corpus/amr_anno_1.0.

Then run the following:


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