Media Chooser

Library to browse & select videos and images from disk.


File View

Folder View

Selection View


Eclipse library project structure has been dropped. If you wish to use this library in your eclipse IDE, please checkout MediaChooser-Eclipse. No further development will be done into MediaChooser-Eclipse.


Add following permission to your applications manifest file.

 <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" />

Add following code to the application node of your application's manifest file

    android:screenOrientation="portrait" >


Eclipse library project structure has been dropped. If you wish to use this library in your eclipse IDE, please checkout MediaChooser-Eclipse. No further development will be done.


Version 2.0

1] Gradle Build

2] Updated UI

3] Bug Fixes

4] Added new developer friendly methods :)

Version 1.0.6

1] Updated UI.

2] Bug fixes.

Version 1.0.5

1] Updated picasso jar.

2] Preview file on item longpress.

3] Removed deprecated code.

Version 1.0.4

1] Fixed tab content issue.

Version 1.0.3

1] Fixed video icon visibility when video tab selected.

Version 1.0.2

1] Fixed blank image tab or video tab issue.

Version 1.0.1

1] Fixed nexus 10 crash.

2] Added helper methods for ease.

What does this library do ?

Useful library for selecting images and videos from sd-card. The library can be used to display images & videos in file view or folder view. File view shows all files whereas Folder view shows files categorized. All items are sorted according to date-time with latest item showing first.


To display images and videos according to:

1] Folders

HomeScreenMediaChooser.startMediaChooser(MainActivity.this, true);

2] Files

HomeScreenMediaChooser.startMediaChooser(MainActivity.this, false);

To get list of selected images and videos :

1] For images you have to register a broadcast with



IntentFilter imageIntentFilter = new IntentFilter(MediaChooser.IMAGE_SELECTED_ACTION_FROM_MEDIA_CHOOSER);
registerReceiver(imageBroadcastReceiver, imageIntentFilter);

2] For videos you have to register a broadcast with MediaChooser.VIDEO_SELECTED_ACTION_FROM_MEDIA_CHOOSER action.


IntentFilter videoIntentFilter = new IntentFilter(MediaChooser.VIDEO_SELECTED_ACTION_FROM_MEDIA_CHOOSER);
registerReceiver(videoBroadcastReceiver, videoIntentFilter);

Helper methods

1] showCameraVideoView : To hide/show camera button. example:

MediaChooser.showCameraVideoView(false); // This will hide the view. By default its visible.

2] setImageSize and setVideoSize : To set file size limit in mb for image/video selection. example:

MediaChooser.setVideoSize(10); // Default set to 20mb.
MediaChooser.setImageSize(10); // Default set to 20mb.

3] setSelectionLimit : To set number of items that can be selected. example:

MediaChooser.setSelectionLimit(10);  //default set to 100.

4] setSelectedMediaCount / getSelectedMediaCount : To set/retrieve total selected file count. example:

int totalCount = MediaChooser.getSelectedMediaCount();

5] showOnlyImageTab :- To show image tab only. example:


6] showOnlyVideoTab :- To show video tab only. example:


7] showImageVideoTab : To display both image and video tab. example:

MediaChooser.showImageVideoTab(); //By default both tabs are visible.

Check the attached demo sample app.


androidquery jar


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