A Big Data Benchmark For Graph-Processing Platforms

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Graph processing is of increasing interest for many scientific areas and revenue-generating applications, such as social networking, bioinformatics, online retail, and online gaming. To address the growing diversity of graph datasets and graph-processing algorithms, developers and system integrators have created a large variety of graph-processing platforms, which we define as the combined hardware, software, and programming system that is being used to complete a graph processing task. LDBC Graphalytics, an industrial-grade benchmark under LDBC, is developed to enable objective comparisons between graph processing platforms by using six representative graph algorithms, and a large variety of real-world and synthetic datasets. Visit our website for the most recent updates of the Graphalytics project.


Want to know more about Graphalytics? Read our VLDB paper and the specification.

Build & Run your first benchmark

Graphalytics provides a list of platform drivers for the state-of-the-arts graph processing platforms. To start your first benchmark with Graphalytics, download the benchmark software from our repository and follow the detailed instructions in the manual on Building the Software and Running a Benchmark.

Add your platform

Do you want to study and compare the performance of your newly developed platform? The Graphalytics benchmark suite can be easily extended by developed a platform driver for your own platform, built upon the platform driver template. Follow the detailed instructions in the manual on Implementing Driver.

Participate in competitions

LDBC Graphalytics hosts bi-annual competitions for graph processing platforms. Are you interested in the state-of-the-art performance? View the competition results of previous editions in our website. Do you want to impress others with the excellent performance of your platform? Follow the detailed instructions in the manual on submitting your benchmark results.