Typesafe Web Framework for LeAn STArtup with DBFlute and Java8

Rhythm & Speed Programming

Adaptable-to-Change Programming

Naturally-be-so Programming

Example Code

// e.g. ProductListAction, mapping to URL '/product/list/3'

public HtmlResponse index(OptionalThing<Integer> pageNumber, ProductSearchForm form) {
    validate(form, messages -> {} , () -> {
        return asHtml(path_Product_ProductListHtml);
    PagingResultBean<Product> page = selectProductPage(pageNumber.orElse(1), form);
    List<ProductSearchRowBean> beans = -> {
        return mappingToBean(product);
    return asHtml(path_Product_ProductListHtml).renderWith(data -> {
        data.register("beans", beans);
        pagingAssist.registerPagingNavi(data, page, form);

Quick Trial

Can boot it by example of LastaFlute:

  1. git clone
  2. prepare database by *ReplaceSchema at DBFlute client directory 'dbflute_maihamadb'
  3. compile it by Java8, on e.g. Eclipse or IntelliJ or ... as Maven project
  4. execute the *main() method of (org.docksidestage.boot) HarborBoot
  5. access to http://localhost:8090/harbor
    and login by user 'Pixy' and password 'sea', and can see debug log at console.


// call at lastaflute-example-harbor/dbflute_maihamadb
// and select replace-schema in displayed menu
...$ sh

*main() method

public class HarborBoot {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        new JettyBoot(8090, "/harbor").asDevelopment(isNoneEnv()).bootAwait();


Maven Dependency in pom.xml



Apache License 2.0

Official site

(English pages have a low count but are increscent...)

Thanks, Frameworks

LastaFlute forks SAStruts, Struts and Commons utilities and (heavily) extends it.
And is influenced by SpringBoot, Play2. If the frameworks were not there, no LastaFlute here.

I appreciate every framework.

Thanks, Friends

LastaFlute is used by:

Deeply Thanks!