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Computer Vision library for FTC based on OpenCV, featuring beacon color and position detection, as well as an easy-to-use VisionOpMode format and many additional detection features planned in the future.

Installing into FIRST Official App (recommended)

Installing via Git Submodule (advanced)

When installing via Git submodule, every person cloning your repo will need to run git submodule init and git subomodule update for every new clone. However, you also get the advantage of not copying all the files yourself and you can update the project to the latest version easily by navigating inside the ftc-vision folder then running git pull.

Installing from Scratch (for testing only - deprecated)

  1. Clone FTCVision into a clean directory (outside your robot controller app) using the following command: git clone --depth=1 https://github.com/lasarobotics/ftcvision.
  2. Open the FTCVision project using Android Studio
  3. Copy your OpModes from your robot controller directory into the appropriate directory within ftc-robotcontroller. Then, modify the FtcOpModeRegister appropriately to add your custom OpModes.
  4. Before running the app for the first time, install the "OpenCV Manager" from the Google Play Store to enable Vision processing.
  5. Run and test the code! Let us know if you encounter any difficulties.
  6. You can now write your own VisionOpMode!


This library is complete as of World Championship 2016. If you have any questions or would like to help, send a note to smo-key (contact info on profile) or open an issue. Thank you!

Documentation Documentation Status

Documentation for the stable library is available at http://ftcvision.lasarobotics.org.

Does it work?

Yes! FTCVision can detect a beacon 0.5-4 feet away with 90% accuracy in 0.2 seconds. Here are some pictures. :smiley:

Accuracy Test

Can it detect the beacon?

Old Accuracy Test

Can it detect the beacon?

Distance Test

A test from 8 feet away

Basic Analysis Demo

FAST isn't the greatest

Ambient Analysis (Color and Rotation Detection) Test

A test from 8 feet away

Analysis Methods