Asteria is an open source Runescape emulator for the #317 protocol that has been in ongoing development since late 2013. It aims to be fast, reliable, scalable, and easy-to-use. It currently runs on Java 8.

Please check out the successor to this project Luna, which aims to correct the many mistakes I made throughout the various releases of Asteria.

Development History

Asteria 1.0 (Jan 2014)

Asteria 2.0 (May 2014)

Asteria 3.0 (July 2015)

Ideas for 4.0 (If developed)

These are things that could possibly be added to the 4.0 release if developed, entries marked with * will be added for certain. Alternatively, a 4.0 release will probably be scrapped entirely and a new project will be started from scratch containing everything below and more.

Everything below will be added to my new project Luna. I will no longer be doing any major overhauls on this repository, but I will still be fixing any basic issues that come up. Treat my new project as if it was Asteria 4.0, because it's goal is to correct everything I did wrong with this release.