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Faveo Android app works along with Faveo Helpdesk web application. This app is also be available on Google Play store and can be installed directly from there. To use this app on your phone/tablet you must have Faveo Helpdesk web application installed on your server.

Faveo Android app is designed & developed by Ladybird Web Solution Pvt Ltd.


Visit our website for more information on services offered by us www.faveohelpdesk.com

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If you are a developer and want to contribute towards Faveo's development. Follow these instructions.

Create your own fork of Faveo master repository and use git-flow to create a new feature. Once the feature is published in your fork, send a pull request to begin the conversation of integrating your new feature into Faveo.


Visit the issue page. And if you'd like professional help commercial support is available, email us through the contact form.

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