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YoutubeJExtractor is Android extractor library that allows you to extract video and audio from any youtube video along with some other data such as a video title, description, author, thumbnails and others.

This library was initially created for my android app Youtube audio player


  1. Extracts video and audio streams from Youtube videos. Supports both adaptive and muxed streams.
  2. Extracts various video data like title, description, view count, channel id, etc.
  3. Supports age restricted videos.
  4. Supports videos with restricted embedding.
  5. Supports regon restricted videos (through a proxy).
  6. Supports HLS and DASH live streams.

How to install

What's new?


  1. Fixed NPE #28, thanks @niteshfel for reporting
  2. Implemented new overloaded extract method that takes callback as parameter:

     youtubeJExtractor.extract(videoId, new JExtractorCallback() {
            public void onSuccess(YoutubeVideoData videoData) {
                // use extracted data
            public void onNetworkException(YoutubeRequestException e) {
                // may be a connection problem, ask user to check his internet connection
            public void onError(Exception exception) {
                // some serious problem occured, just show some error message


Minor changes, increased stability and logging is slightly improved


  1. Code updated to match latest youtube changes
  2. Improved age restricted videos detection


Muxed streams are now supported! Thanks to @comptoost for enchancement request


  1. Possibility to use YoutubeJExtractor with custom OkHttpClient instance via the following one argument constructor - YoutubeJExtractor(OkHttpClient client). It could be usefull for region restricted video (via creating OkHttpClient instance with proxy).
  2. Implemented RequestExecutor class with executeWithRetry(...) method - now every http call will be executed up to 3 times before YoutubeRequestException throw, it will increase stability.

How to use

    YoutubeJExtractor youtubeJExtractor = new YoutubeJExtractor();
    YoutubeVideoData videoData;
    try {
        videoData = youtubeJExtractor.extract(videoId);
    catch (ExtractionException e) {
        // Something really bad happened, nothing we can do except just show some error notification to the user 
    catch (YoutubeRequestException e) {
        // Possibly there are some connection problems, ask user to check the internet connection and then retry 

YoutubeVideoData is an object that contains data for the requested video split across two main objects: VideoDetails and StreamingData.

To get all the video streams:

    List<AdaptiveVideoStream> videoStreamsList = videoData.getStreamingData().getAdaptiveVideoStreams()

Each StreamItem object contains fields that describe the stream such as:

Live streams are also supported by YoutubeJextractor, but you have to treat them differently than the regular videos, to play live content you have to use DASH or HLS manifests. Your code will look like this:

YoutubeVideoData videoData = youtubeJExtractor.extract("stream_video_id");
if (videoData.getVideoDetails().isLiveContent()) {
    String dashManifest = videoData.getStreamingData().getDashManifestUrl();
   // or use HLS manifest via getHlsManifestUrl() method
else {

Then you have to decide how to deal with manifest url, it depends on how you're gonna play media content, for instance, if you are using ExoPlayer, please refer to the DASH and HLS guides.


Q: What is a muxed stream?

Muxed stream is a stream that contains video and audio at the same time. My library extracts muxed streams along with demuxed that contain only video or audio.

Q: I need to play both video and audio at the same time, but your library gives me no muxed streams (or they have lower quality), is it a bug of the library?

No, it's not, my library extracts everything what youtube provides for the specific video, but for some youtube's internal reasons they have different set of streams available for each video, sometimes there are muxed streams sometimes there aren't. But it's not a problem because you can take separately audio and video stream and then combine them into a single, muxed stream, with any quality you want!

How to do that?

Depends on how you're gonna play your streams, for instance if you're using ExoPlayer (what I personally recommend for media playback in andoird) you need to take a look at MegingMediaSource.class:

MediaSource videoSource = new ProgressiveMediaSource.Factory(...)
MediaSource audioSource = new ProgressiveMediaSource.Factory(...)

MergingMediaSource mergedSource = new MergingMediaSource(videoSource, audioSource);


Tested on API 19+.


Youtube-dl - the idea and implementation were influenced by Youtube-dl


Distributed under the GPL v2 License. See for terms and conditions.