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Jexer - Java Text User Interface library

This library implements a text-based windowing system loosely reminiscent of Borland's Turbo Vision system. It looks like this:

Several Windows Open Including A Terminal

Jexer works on both Xterm-like terminals and Swing, and supports images in both Xterm and Swing. On Swing, images are true color:

Swing Snake Image

On Xterm, images are dithered to a common palette:

Xterm Snake Image


Jexer is available to all under the MIT License. See the file LICENSE for the full license text.

Obtaining Jexer

Jexer is available on Maven Central:


Binary releases are available on SourceForge:

The Jexer source code is hosted at:


Programming Examples

The examples/ folder currently contains:

jexer.demos contains official demos showing all of the existing UI controls. The demos can be run as follows:

More Screenshots

Yo Dawg...

Sixel Pictures Of Cliffs Of Moher And Buoy

Sixel Color Wheel

Terminal Support

The table below lists terminals tested against Jexer's Xterm backend:

Terminal Environment Mouse Click Mouse Cursor Images
xterm X11 yes yes yes
lcxterm(3) CLI, Linux console yes yes no
rxvt-unicode X11 yes yes no(2)
alacritty(3) X11 yes yes no
gnome-terminal X11 yes yes no
xfce4-terminal X11 yes yes no
mlterm X11 yes yes no(5)
aminal(3) X11 yes no no
konsole X11 yes no no
yakuake X11 yes no no
screen CLI yes(1) yes(1) no(2)
tmux CLI yes(1) yes(1) no
putty X11, Windows yes no no(2)
Linux Linux console no no no(2)
qodem(3) CLI, Linux console yes yes(4) no
qodem-x11(3) X11 yes no no

1 - Requires mouse support from host terminal.

2 - Also fails to filter out sixel data, leaving garbage on screen.

3 - Latest in repository.

4 - Requires TERM=xterm-1003 before starting.

5 - Opening image crashes terminal.

See Also


Jexer makes use of the Terminus TrueType font made available here .